A Substance Abuse Counselor Discusses Effects Of Alcoholism

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

If someone you love is going through a tough time, facing the difficulties caused by the excesses in alcohol drinking, talking to a substance abuse counselor is the number one option you should be considering as a certifiable path on the way to recovery. The Hope Centers of Central Florida is a respectable treatment facility working on these very issues, offering the help and guidance of a specialized team of doctors, qualified to lead and assist in every step of the emotionally challenges and struggles to lie ahead before reaching a silver lining. Let the experts

of this wonderfully constructed Orlando treatment center be the beacon of light spreading the hope your loved ones need to overcome addictions.

What Are the Effects of Alcoholism?

Alcohol beverages are one of the favorite drinks of choice to have while celebrating important happy occasions and enjoying relaxing times -alone or joined by friends and family- at a party, venue, or gathering.

When drinking alcohol, people experience a lighter and happier mood enhanced by the release of endorphin hormones, chemically encouraged by the alcohol levels present in the bloodstream, and known to activate a feel-good analgesic effect in the body.

When alcohol intake habits stop being well-balanced by the person, it can escalate from social drinking to a serious dependency problem, generating severe repercussions that obstacle the chances of leading a healthy life with a positive influence.

The most notorious effects of alcoholism are:

  • Changes in the way the brain functions, creating a fuzzy and forgetful state of mind, where it is hard to differentiate reality from fiction.
  • Increase the appearance of heart disorders (high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, cardiomyopathy, and stroke propensity).
  • Increase in the development of cancerous cells.
  • Cause liver inflammation (hepatitis, cirrhosis, others).
  • Create a decay of physical appearance.

When  Should You Call a Substance Abuse Counselor?

A counselor specializing in substance abuse is a trained professional enlisted to provide emotional strength, support, and guidance throughout the 12-step treatment program customized for the patient and close family, additionally performing:

  • Periodic substance abuse tests and evaluations.
  • Group therapeutic exercises.
  • A follow-up care-treatment program.

Request the help of a counselor focalized in substance abuse when facing directly or indirectly, an alcoholic or drug use dependency.

Reaching out to an Orlando treatment center for help could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Choosing the Right Counselor is Essential to Defeat an Alcohol Use Disorder

There are certain elements the counselor should have to bulletproof the path to healing:

  • Be trustworthy and empathetic towards the patient.
  • Create a comfortable environment.
  • Have the experience to design and handle the best treatment program for the patient.
  • Be a specialist in substance abuse.

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