For substance abuse patients, falling out of the wagon has a likely possibility of occurring, at least once, during the course of an alcohol abuse treatment. Stressful situations and negative emotions are two of the common causes that trigger a relapse. Since the stay-at-home orders came into force, the vulnerability brought by quarantine and social distancing is creating a new focus of concern for patients on the verge of relapsing. In Orlando, you can take the matter on your own hands by seeking the help of the caring professionals working at the Hope Centers of Central Florida. Learning how to conquer sobriety during challenging times by starting an outpatient alcohol treatment is a good way to begin a new chapter into wellness.    


How to Deal with Alcohol Abuse Amid Quarantine and Social Distancing? 

The isolation and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are becoming red flag threats for substance abuse patients that have been working hard to rebuild themselves and regain sobriety through the practice of abstinence. 


The boredom, anxiety, and emotional distress of the lockdown is enhancing the cravings for alcohol consumption and triggering relapsing thoughts. Protecting yourself from succumbing to former patterns is possible if you: 

  • Keep busy. Fill the time slots doing crafty works, fixing the house, reading, journaling, learning new interests. The more busy your mind is, the less time you’ll spend thinking about alcohol.
  • Stay in touch. In spite of being apart, technology is allowing us to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, and counselors. Rely on apps like Zoom or Skype to chat and keep in touch with those who matter to you.
  • Seek outpatient alcohol treatment. The Hope Centers of Central Florida is offering a reaching hand that can keep you afloat throughout these moments and prevents a relapse. You won’t find a better treatment facility in Orlando. 


Why Should Alcohol Abuse Treatment Not Stop After a Relapse?

  • Don’t give up. You relapsed. Lift your chin up and use the moment to reset your goals. Make of this instant a new opportunity to overcome the defeating and shameful feelings you’re experiencing and repurpose your choices to get back in track.   
  • Be reflective. Search deep within yourself and answer difficult questions. Why did it happen? Could you have prevented it? How? What can you do not to relapse again? Exposing your thoughts and emotions is helpful to identify the tools you can count on to avoid a repeat.
  • Stay in treatment. Don’t let a slip discourage you from continuing your work. Now, more than ever, having the guidance and assertiveness of professionals is the way to win sobriety. 


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Relapse opportunities continuously threaten the recovery journey of substance abuse patients. If it happened, don’t let it break you. In Orlando, you can contact the Hope Centers of Central Florida today! The treatment center is prepared to provide the guidance and support you need to continue moving forward with a sustainable alcohol abuse program. Ask for the outpatient alcohol treatment. It will help you!