How Our Suboxone Clinic Is Benefitting From Telehealth

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Suboxone Treatment

The coronavirus pandemic is now entering a new stage of global spread. After the enactment of coronavirus emergency supplemental legislation to expand Medicare coverage of telehealth, we should be able to expect increased reliance on telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries. As more patients than ever seek treatment for their various symptoms, in-house health care facilities may be a breeding ground for the virus to spread rapidly. Telehealth provides a unique capacity for remote screening, triage, and treatment, which could be a powerful tool for lowering transmission of coronavirus and among health care workers and patients who are not infected. Hope Centers of Central Florida has kept our outpatient alcohol treatment facility open and are continuing to take in new patients in order to assist victims of addiction and as an essential service. However, we are screening all of our appointments for symptoms and are committed to providing telemedicine opportunities when it is feasible. Call Hope Centers of Central Florida in Orlando for our suboxone clinic today to make an appointment.

Telehealth Opportunities In The U.S.

With more than 12,5000 people infected around the globe, and more than 4,500 dead throughout over 100 countries where cases have been reported, the outbreak has created a huge frenzy of activity when it comes to telehealth. Coverage is being increasingly extended by payers, health systems are mobilizing rapidly to expand programs, and telehealth companies are seeing rapid increases in demand on a daily level. Telehealth could be a key factor in the U.S.’s strategy to ramp up capacity in order to combat coronavirus while keeping health care facilities safe. Telehealth is also able to pose an effective alternative to in-person visits for patients with other health care needs such as patients who are suffering from addiction and need uninterrupted treatment, which is the case with Hope Centers of Central Florida and our suboxone clinic. Addiction doesn’t make allowance for any crisis, which is why telehealth is such a great option to continue outpatient alcohol treatment throughout the pandemic.

Our Suboxone Clinic Provides Telemedicine When Feasible

For patients who find this a feasible solution for their unique situation, video visits and secure messaging along with regular visits for prescriptions may be effective tools for remotely monitoring and treating patients with mild symptoms who are staying at home. For example, before we accept any appointments here at Hope Centers of Central Florida, we should be able to remotely monitor a patient’s temperature and symptoms and determine if the patient seeking treatment should safety stay home or needs to seek in-person care. We are committed to continue our work as an essential service in addiction care and will be mobilizing internal resources to build infrastructure and capacity in our addiction treatment services. With telehealth, our patients should be able to be monitored and treated from home when the situation is feasible so that they can continue to work towards their health and recovery.

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The suboxone clinic of Hope Centers of Central Florida continues to stay open and take new patients, but we are screening all appointments for symptoms and are dedicated to providing telemedicine opportunities when they are possible for patients. If you are seeking outpatient alcohol treatment in the Orlando area, call Hope Centers of Central Florida today!

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