Myths About Alcohol Treatment You Shouldn’t Believe

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

Until you or someone you love has been through alcohol treatment, you never really know what it’s like inside of a rehab facility or what outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Orlando can do for your life. In fact, there are many misconceptions about alcohol recovery programs. These misconceptions can often steer people away from getting the help that they need, but we are here to bust these five myths about alcohol treatment you shouldn’t believe.

Alcohol Treatment Doesn’t Work

The relapse rates of alcoholism make it seem as though outpatient alcohol treatment programs and rehabs are not effective. However, addiction treatment does work exceptionally well when alcoholism is treated as a life-long, chronic disease that requires a long-term treatment plan beyond just a 28 day stay in rehab.

The 12 Step Program is Mandatory

Alcoholics Anonymous uses the infamous 12 steps to recovery program, but there are many alcohol treatment facilities and outpatient alcohol treatment programs that have their own way of doing things. Most clinics now are focused on therapy, trauma work, educational groups, and are medically driven to help fight the underlying mental health issues that often trigger alcoholism.

Treatment is too Expensive

Because of celebrity rehab centers that show u in the media many people believe treatment will cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. Many insurance companies and employer provided benefits programs will cover the cost of outpatient alcohol treatment and even some inpatient facilities. You might also be surprised to find that there are many free or reduced cost outpatient treatment options in your community.

Treatment is Like Being Locked Up

While it is true that most rehabilitation centers require you to stay on site and adhere to curfews and other rules, they can also feel like spas that offer amazing amenities. Rehab is an emotionally draining process that can be very difficult for patients inside and make them feel as though they are trapped; however, being in treatment is not ever holding someone against their will. Most patients, unless they are court ordered to be held in a treatment facility, can check themselves out of treatment on their own free will.

I don’t Need Long Term Treatment

One of the myths people tell themselves is that they don’t need long term treatment for alcoholism. Some patients believe they can do it all on their own after their detox is over and they complete a 28 or 30-day program. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that needs long term care management which is why outpatient alcohol treatment is so important to continue, even after rehab.

When alcoholism is not treated over the long term, relapse becomes more likely. Alcoholism that is left untreated can lead to heart disease, liver failure, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, and more. Substance abuse, no matter the kind, is always treatable when there is a comprehensive care plan that focuses on mental health and sustained treatment.

When you’re ready to get started with alcohol treatment or know someone who needs help, contact Hope Centers of Central Florida today at  407-579-0212.

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