It is never an easy thing to admit that you or someone you love is suffering from addiction. The stigma behind this disease makes it taboo to talk about, which makes getting the information and help you need almost impossible. Looking for drug treatment centers isn’t an easy thing to do because there are a million questions that you need to be answered before you can decide whether it is the right option for you, especially if you are looking for specific services like opioid overdose treatment. When dealing with a particular condition, you want to make sure that the center you choose is going to offer the best and most cutting-edge treatment plans available. If you are in the Orlando area, Hope Centers of Central Florida is the rehab facility you need. They won’t only provide the treatment you need when you’re staying with them, but they will continue to be a support even after you leave.


Understanding Opioid Overdose Treatment

Each and every day in the United States over 130 people die after overdosing. Most of these cases include the misuse of opioids, which include prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl. This epidemic is taking over the nation and posing a national crisis. Unfortunately, many people don’t seek the services of drug treatment centers until it’s too late or after a number of severe addiction struggles. However, getting help at the beginning of the problem is the key to establishing lifelong sobriety. In order to that, it’s critical to fully understand opioid addiction and how to help and prevent it.


About thirty percent of patients that are legally prescribed opioids for their pain needs end up misusing them and stop following their doctor’s orders. Of that thirty percent, roughly ten percent of these people end up becoming addicted to the pills. The problem with the misuse of opioids is that eventually, they are no longer strong enough for some people this ends up causing about six percent of people to transition to heroin. Although not everyone who misuses opioid end up using heroin around eighty percent of people who use heroin admits to abusing prescription drugs before making the switch to the harder drug. This epidemic continues to be on the rise. From July 2016 to September 2017 opioid overdoses increased by thirty percent in 45 states, and in the midwest region, this percentage jumped to seventy percent from July 2016 to September 2017.


As this problem continues to rise people all over are asking what the Department of Health and Human Services is doing to help stop this problem from continuing to grow. As a response, the department has decided to focus its efforts on five major priorities.

  • Ensuring treatment and recovery services are accessible
  • Promoting the use of overdose-reversing prescriptions
  • Making sure the public understands the risks related to this epidemic
  • Providing support that encourages research
  • Finding better practices for pain management during recovery


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