When in need of help to overcome substance abuse, nothing works better than relying on the experience and qualifications of a nearby treatment center. At the Hope Centers of Central Florida, we’ve built an Orlando treatment center where patients feel secure of receiving therapy, guidance, assistance, and encouragement to stay motivated in the journey to a drug-free life. We’re inspired to work with our patients during the most challenging of times. That’s why during COVID-19, we expanded our reach to our patients through telehealth resources that keep us connected. It’s this level of commitment that makes us stand out from other drug treatment centers. Are you curious to learn about our telehealth program and how you can gain strength from it? Read the description below.   


Why Is Telehealth Important During COVID-19?

COVID-19 struck us quickly and in unprecedented ways. Just as the pandemic was spreading in our territory, we had to apply serious adjustments to our everyday life. Suddenly, actions like washing the hands frequently, avoiding touching the face, wearing a mouth and nose covering mask to go outside, and practicing social distancing while living in quarantine took over our lives.  


But what happens when you’re a substance abuse patient facing a crisis and need counseling? How can you get assistance while complying with the practices to avoid a coronavirus infection and slow down the spread of the disease? 


To enable help for these exceptional cases, on March 6, the Congress enacted new legislation under the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. The law grants to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services temporary independence to manage certain aspects of Medicare requirements related to telehealth, in support of long-distance clinical health care and the prevention of the spread of the virus. Following the enactment, the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that Medicare would start covering telemedicine for routine follow up consults.  


It’s through telehealth services that patients can consult doctors and receive fruitful medical indications without additional exposure to coronavirus. 


Schedule an Appointment in the Orlando Treatment Center You Trust

As one of the leading drug treatment centers of Orlando, Hope Centers of Central Florida is embarking on the use of telehealth programs to assist patients during the quarantine. The scheduling process is simple. Call us or contact us online asking for a consultation. After complying with the indications, we schedule the appointment with our specialists via phone call or video, as you prefer. The sessions are similar to traditional visits. 


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Don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of your recovery from substance addiction. Contact us at the Hope Centers of Central Florida today and learn about our many therapies! We’ve incorporated new platforms to stay closer to you during these contingency times. Our drug treatment centers on telehealth sessions designed to keep our patients assisted in the path of healing. We are determined to be the Orlando treatment center that is always available to help and guide you in the most challenging circumstances!