Recovering from substance abuse by itself is already a herculean task. Add COVID-19 on top of it and it becomes so much worse. Those trying to recover from their substance abuse are at a much greater risk of contracting the disease and the current situation does not lend itself for an easy recovery. In fact, the temptation to fall back into abusing again is incredibly high due to the added stress and social isolation. To help prevent this Hope Centers of Central Florida, an Orlando treatment center is here to dispense some helpful information and offer help from a certified substance abuse counselor. 


Extra Risk

  • Weakened Immunity
    • Repeated abuse of any substance can have long term effects on your body. Alcohol can damage your heart, pancreas, and liver, methamphetamine can damage your kidneys, lungs, and liver, and opioids and smoking can affect your lungs and your ability to breath. COVID-19 targets the lining of your lungs and infects its cells causing the immune system to attack both infected and healthy cells. If you’re healthy enough and have a good enough immune system at the start of your infection, you are likely to make a full recovery. Those who are already immunocompromised by pulmonary abnormalities caused by misuse of substance are at a greater risk for bronchitis, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome all of which can be deadly in this situation.
  • Isolation
    •  One of the most important factors in the recovery of substance abusers is having a strong support network. With COVID-19 requiring isolation, friends, family, counselors, doctors, and other struggling addicts from group meetings, are unavailable to those who need them most. Isolation is already hard on people not struggling with addiction and is even more detrimental to the mental health of those who are. People struggling will likely be very tempted to relapse with no one there to tell them not to and to help them cope with the added stress of being alone with their withdrawal symptoms. They may also be unable to get the help and treatment they need from an Orlando treatment center because of the risk of infection. 


Getting Help From a Substance Abuse Counselor

Just because it may be harder to break your addiction, does not mean it is impossible. While meeting in person for counseling may not be an option, virtual meetings are still incredibly viable. Many places like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous among many others are offering online twelve-step meetings. On top of this, it’s recommended to reach out to friends and family over the phone or the internet for additional support. Whether you talk through text, voice, or a program that allows you to see each other’s faces this can greatly help those suffering from isolation and help cut down on the need to start using again. Places like Hope Centers of Central Florida also offer telemedicine to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance. They can prescribe Suboxone Treatment which uses medicine to help patients fight off the symptoms of withdrawal and uncontrollable cravings. 


Contact Us Today

If you or someone you know is on the path of recovery from substance abuse but is finding it more difficult due to COVID-19 call Hope Centers of Central Florida today. Our Substance Abuse Counselor from our Orlando treatment center can help you stay on the path of recovery with our telemedicine options, over the phone counseling and potential Suboxone Treatments. We are also taking extra precautions with our facility to keep them sanitary and safe for any patients that do want to come in person.