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Sometimes having the will to succeed is not always enough to break the bond of an opioid addiction. Let our team of caring professionals from our drug treatment centers partner with you on your journey to recovery. Call Us Now

Hope Centers

of Central Florida

Sometimes having the will to succeed is not always enough to break the bond of an opioid addiction. Let our team of caring professionals partner with you on your journey to recovery. Call Us Now

Welcome to Hope Centers of Central Florida!

Sometimes having the will to succeed is not always enough to break the bond of an opioid addiction. Let our team of caring professionals partner with you on your journey to recovery. At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we offer a comprehensive approach to opioid addiction making us one of the leaders in this niche for drug treatment centers. Our services include a Medication-Assisted Treatment program to diminish the physical effects of withdrawal and decrease cravings as well as one-on-one counseling services to prepare patients for success after treatment. Located in Orlando, it is our goal to see you or a loved one recover and live a better life.

Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. All services are provided in a convenient outpatient setting and designed to help you overcome your addiction. A medical doctor will oversee all treatments to ensure everything is running smoothly and that patients are on the road to recovery. While progress may be slow and you might not feel like your treatment is working right away, these methods are tried and true and we will work with you to make sure your specific needs or concerns are addressed and met with satisfaction.


Number of people who have died TODAY from an Opioid overdose

At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we desire to not only heal but transform the lives of our patients by empowering them and giving them HOPE for a drug-free future. Relapse is a real fear that many addicts face. Just getting clean isn’t enough. That is why we believe so strongly in our social counseling. Most of the time there is a deeper reason as to why our patients got started in the first place and without discovering and acknowledging it, moving forward will not be possible. Everyone has a source to their addiction and in order to combat it, we will help you to bring out your inner strengths. You are never alone, but you must be strong enough to stand by yourself as there will come a time where you will be tested without support. Our goal is to get you to a place where you can stand strong against addiction without our help, but until you get there we will make sure you have only the best and most caring treatments.
Breaking addiction is no easy task and there is no shame in asking for help. Opioid addiction can happen to anyone and can not only ruin the life of the person hooked but also their family members and loved ones. This addiction can negatively affect your life. Seeking help from a professional will be one of the best choices in your life and is your best chance to beat your addiction. That is why we are here to help! Hope Centers of Central Florida offer professional treatment centers that have only the most trusted doctors who care. Our state of the art facility can’t be topped and we will provide you or your loved one with the best shot of getting clean once and for all.

Suboxone Treatment

A Treatment That Works

When it comes to addiction, it is almost impossible just to walk away from the problem. It is a whole process. The individual must change their behavior, thinking, and environment. One of the greatest adversaries in getting clean comes with facing withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal can include headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, fatigue, anxiety and the inability to sleep. Many times, these symptoms get the best of people which leads them to relapsing as their cravings of addiction are all they can think of.

Our treatment method allows patients to remain sober by reducing the side effects from withdrawal and curbing cravings. The last thing you want is a relapse. The medications that are used in this treatment for opioid dependence are Naloxone, and Buprenorphine. When it comes to drug treatment centers, Hope Centers of Central Florida is here to assist you in recovery utilizing the most up-to-date methods. We believe like any other disease, that medication can be an effective treatment method, and as our past patient experiences show, it works.

We Offer Suboxone Treatment & More

Suboxone treatment

This is a treatment that uses a combination of two medicines to help combat opioid addiction. This combination of an opioid agonist and an opioid blocker makes it so patients no longer suffer from the symptoms of withdrawal. On top of this, it causes minimal to no side effects and will prevent patients from having uncontrollable cravings. Quitting cold turkey is almost impossible and less than twenty-five percent of people are able to spend their first year completely clean. Suboxone gives patients a much better chance of staying clean. Once started on this treatment though, it is incredibly important you obey the prescription exactly as stated. You must be responsible with the dose and not take other illicit drugs or you will risk your recovery. There is no set time you will be on this drug, as recovery times varies from person to person and is determined by a case to case basis.

Alcohol treatment

To break people of their dependence on alcohol we use a drug named Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a non-addictive, once a month injection that blocks opioid receptors in the brain. This combined with psychological counseling is a crucial part of detoxification. We will perform one-on-one counseling to prepare our patients for success after being treated. We will teach you the tools you need to make it on your own so that you won’t have to rely on us or your family and friends forever. That said, before you start Vivitrol treatment It is very important you are opioid free for at least two weeks or seven days at minimum before you start to prevent sudden opioid withdrawal. Children should also avoid it as it’s effects on them have not been studied or researched. Also like suboxone, it is incredibly important to follow your prescription. While following the guidelines prescribed by your doctor there is little to no chance of addiction, but abusing this drug like any other may lead to a risk for tolerance, dependence, and addiction developing.


Many believe our counseling is just for people struggling with addiction, but it is also for the family and friends of the addicted who are struggling to keep up their support. Many times those who are faced with addiction will isolate themselves. Whether intentionally or not, we tend to push away the people we need most. Even when they stick by us, it is hard not to feel alone in our struggles. We are here to help you realize you are never alone and to help you discover or rediscover your personal strengths and happiness. For those not facing addiction, but having difficulty understanding or forgiving your addicted loved one or family member, we are here to help you better understand what they’re going through. Many times it can be hard to put our feelings into words others can relate to or understand so we’ll act as a translator to both parties and help those hurt by their close ones to continue to remain patient, supportive, and forgiving.

Opioid treatment

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Here at Hope Centers of Central Florida on top of our one on one counseling sessions, we believe in treating addiction with medicine like you would any other disease. By doing this we decrease the chances of our patients relapsing by cutting down on their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Each of our patients gets an individualized and custom treatment plan that directly address their personal needs and struggles. While some may be hesitant to treat an opioid addiction with a medicine as they just see it as switching one drug for another, we guarantee this is not the case A medical doctor will oversee the entire treatment themselves and once the patient stops having withdrawal symptoms, has minimal side effects, and no longer has uncontrollable cravings, they will be taken off the medicine and start the next phase of treatment. Combined with medical, behavioral, and social counseling this is an extremely effective and cost-efficient treatment plan for anyone struggling with opioid addiction.


Telemedicine is when healthcare professionals use telecommunication technology to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance. Despite often being used interchangeably with telehealth, telehealth can be used to mean remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education. Telemedicine specifically means remote clinical services. This way you can get a check up without having to be in person at a doctor’s office or hospital. Using video and audio you are able to receive follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, and specialist consultation. That said, the one thing we do ask you to come into the office for is to get your lab and drug screens done.

Our Team

We are quite proud of the team of board certified doctors we have gathered. Hope Centers of Central Florida believes that a strong team of caring individuals from a diverse background of medicine is key to the success of our treatments.

Dr. Luis Allen

Board certified in both General and Geriatric Psychiatry.

Dr. Pradeep Vangala

Board certified in Internal

Dr. Raghu Ganjam

Board certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Ravi Akella

Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine.

Dr. Aftab Qadir

Board certified in General, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry.


Describing the road to recovery can only truly and accurately be described by those who have gone through it or have been personally affected by the consequences of addiction themselves. Below we have gathered the stories and comments of people who have gone through this recovery or watched others come out of it. Hope Centers of Central Florida can only ever be successful so long as our patients are.

6 months ago-This is the place to come to for addiction treatment. They almost have it down to a science as to how to treat addiction. They are true professionals, highly educated and effective.

Lurvin Villela
Local Guide · 56 Reviews

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Your road to recovery doesn't just end once you've gotten clean. Relapse is always a danger which is why it is so crucial to stay informed. With our blog, we hope to keep our patients both former and current aware of the dangers that may await them. Here we will provide continued advice and guidance on how to keep moving forward in the right direction as well as help steer as many people as we can away from making the mistakes that could have life long effects.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with an opioid addiction, now is the time to act. The quicker you seek out help, the better you or your loved one’s chances are of recovery. The longer you stay addicted the harder it will be to recover. That said, it is never too late to get help. Hope Centers of Central Florida is one of the best drug treatment centers in all of Orlando and we’re ready to get you started on the road to recovery today. If you are tired of letting addiction rule your life, give us a call, we would love to speak with you.