Aftercare Advice for Alcohol Addiction

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

Do you or a loved one suffer from alcohol addiction? Is it getting so bad that it’s affecting everyone around the individual? Here at Hope Centers of Central Florida, our professionals are here with the best alcohol abuse treatment in Orlando. We specialize in outpatient alcohol treatment.

Rehab and Recovery For Alcohol

Did you know that in 2016, one in four Americans drank at least one time heavily during the year? Heavy drinking is defined as four drinks at a time for women, and five for men. On top of this fact, there were over 30,000 deaths in 2014, directly involving alcohol.

Out of all the individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse, only 20% seek help. Part of the reason that many people choose not to get help may be the blurred lines between socially acceptable drinking and alcoholism. Our society considers any usage of illegal drugs is a problem, however, a certain amount of alcohol usage is considered normal and acceptable.

The Basics of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Whether attending rehab for a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or both, the rehabilitation process is the same. However, medication for alcohol addiction is a component that’s often added to the detox and therapy stages, which are shown below.

  • Assessment
    • Creating a treatment plan for individual patient-specific to their case. This includes the severity of their particular situation and the challenges they may face.
  • Detox
    • This phase is where the goal is to eliminate the body’s dependence of the addiction. Manages the symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Therapy
    • This stage uncovers and treats the underlying causes of the condition.
  • Aftercare
    • Facilitate the transition into programs that will help continue the lifelong process of recovery.

You Can Count On Us!

Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. All services are provided in a convenient outpatient setting and designed to help you overcome your addiction.

At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we desire to not only heal, but transform the lives of our patients by empowering them and giving them HOPE for a drug-free future.

We are quite proud of the team of board-certified doctors. If you have been searching online for “suboxone doctors near me,” our medical experts are here to help guide you into an effective treatment program to help you or a loved recover and live a better life.

Call Us For Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

We are experts in alcohol abuse treatment. With our trusted and experienced clinical team and state-of-the-art treatment facility, we can help you get started on the road to lasting recovery. We want to get rid of the effects of alcohol addiction. Let our team of caring professionals partner with you on your journey to recovery. Our trained professional’s ultimate goal is to get our patients on the track to the cure. Alcohol dependence is a disease that needs to be treated seriously. Hope Centers of Central Florida is the best Orlando treatment center. Call or visit us today to schedule an appointment or ask us about our services. We are a rehabilitation center specializing in outpatient alcohol treatment.

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