Are Your Drug Treatment Programs Covered By Insurance?

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

While most people searching for quality and effective drug treatment programs will be on a budget, having insurance coverage can potentially make this affordable and accessible for anyone. At the same time, not all insurance companies will offer coverage for these programs, which can make it difficult for Orlando residents to find the right one. Although it might require some research, you can always contact Hope Centers of Central Florida for help regarding your current situation.

Does My Insurance Cover Alcohol & Opioid Treatment?

As opioid overdoses and deaths continue to rise, the need for treatment has never been higher. Medication-assisted treatment is a popular method of overcoming these opioid desires, but many people fear that their insurance company won’t cover this treatment.

Since every insurance company is different — furthermore, every recovery clinic is different — it’s possible for your insurance to cover you at one clinic, but not at another one. While this might seem strange, it’s quite common.

This might add a lot of confusion in some people and will often be the reason they don’t seek help at all. We’re here to tell you there’s always a more relaxed way of finding the information you need — sometimes all you need to do is ask. At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we are committed to helping patients find the right treatment center for them.

Find the Right Drug Treatment Programs for You

When it comes to finding out whether your insurance covers a drug treatment program, the internet is always a good place to look. You can go on the insurance provider’s website to see what recovery centers they have in their network, which they’ll generally list for you.

Of course, the easiest way would be to call your insurance company. If you have your coverage information ready, they can help you navigate through your options with your budget in mind. Once you find one that you feel will be a suitable fit, you should always call the clinic to double-check that you were given accurate information.

Finding Success With Alcohol & Opioid Treatment

Aside from finding an alcohol or opioid treatment center that fits your budget, there will be a variety of other factors that go into your decision. Since you’ll likely be required to take daily or frequent visits to the clinic, you’ll want to make sure it’s within a reasonable distance from your residence.

You’ll also want to research the clinic’s credentials, certifications, and feedback from past patients to ensure it’s the clinic you’ve been looking for. These will all play a significant role in which recovery center is best for you.

At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we take our patient’s health very seriously. We want what’s best for all of our clients and are committed to giving them the treatment they need. If you’re looking for quality and trusted drug treatment programs in the Orlando area, contact us today at 407-579-0212. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you might have about your insurance coverage and whether or not we accept it. Your quality of life is extremely important to us, and we can’t wait to see you live one free of alcohol and drugs.

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