Could Opioid Addiction Be a Result of Attachment Disorder?

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Opioid Treatment

Have you ever thought more about why opioid addiction occurs when it can can also cause pain and suffering in the victims that it impacts? If you or someone you know has been affected by opioid addiction, then you understand just how destructive it can be, and that seeking opioid treatment can be a difficult first step. One possible reason why opioid addiction can be so tenacious might be attachment disorder in adults. We at the Hope Centers of Central Florida located in Orlando have helped many patients with recovering from opioid addiction and may have some let to shed on the topic.

Why Is Addiction so Powerful?

Drugs have powerful impacts on our brains, and many of them can force out chemicals that cause sensations of euphoria and happiness. For many, drugs become an answer to resolve a lack of these feelings in everyday life, such as too much stress, anxiety, and a need to affection. This is why people who suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and other psychological conditions can become easy victims of drug and alcohol abuse, though anyone can still be at risk. Opioids can be especially addictive because their effects create a powerful, soothing effect in those taking the drug. People who suffer from attachment disorder will have a strong desire to have these kinds of effects, and not having access to them naturally could mean one may resort to opioids for psychological relief.

How Attachment Disorder in Adults Relates to Opioids

Humans are social animals, and while we’re infants, children, and teenagers, we depend on attachments of love, safety, and security from our caregivers. When children and babies cannot receive the attachment they crave, they can become unable to form attachments essential to a healthy social life as they continue to grow. Whether the cause is neglect, abuse, or trauma, the lack of secure attachment in growing children creates an emotional emptiness that those children will yearn for. For those children, particularly when they reach their teenage years, drugs and alcohol become more accessible. They can become easy devices to rely on for emotional comfort when none can otherwise be found. For young people, drugs and alcohol have permanent, detrimental effects on our mental development, and we can hold onto these issues as we become adults.

Opioid Treatment: The Good News

Opioid addiction is a series and dangerous condition, but fortunately, opioid treatment is an option. It’s never too late for you or someone you know to seek treatment for opioid addiction as well as attachment disorder in adults. The first step may often be the hardest, but it’s also the smartest way to transition into a happier life. If your life is affected, or the life of someone you care about, don’t wait–call us today to seek help in Orlando. The Hope Centers of Central Florida are dedicated to helping anyone suffering from addiction receive the help they need to transition into a happier, healthier life. We strive for a future where no child must suffer from attachment disorder, and no one of any age must suffer from opioid addiction.

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