Outlook & Trajectory of the Opioid Epidemic

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

The opioid epidemic is something that has lingered around a little more than anyone ever thought it would. Having evolved over three distinct waves, there are a lot of tales and sad memories that may never be deleted from the minds of many people – especially those that lost relatives in the wake of the whole epidemic. At Hope Centers of Central Florida, our Orlando treatment center is doing all it can to bring awareness to families and users everywhere that there is indeed a solution.

It is shocking to realize that as underrated as the crisis is in the media, it has actually been linked to more deaths than heroin death, showing the need for more importance to be placed on spreading the word on opioid treatment.

Reports suggest that a large amount of people have died from drug overdose because they were not aware of the level of potency laced in the drugs they take, and this made them more prone to overdose.

Sources of The Opioid Epidemic

It is no longer news that the rate of opioid prescription quadrupled between 1999 and 2010, leading to so many pharmaceutical opioids in circulation, such that every American could hold their own prescription bottle. Of course, due to this, it didn’t take long for the addictive nature, and historic over-prescription of opiates to come rushing, leading to the root of the epidemic. However, the immediate and most important concern should be the alarming number of deaths that have been recorded to be related to heroin, non prescription fentanyl, and synthetic opioids that are now representing more than half of the fatal opioid overdoses we know.

Cost of The Epidemic

Like most other bad crisis, this one comes with its own cost. The rising number of overdoses signifies that the health care system is weighed with a significant level of economic burden. This cost is a result from both overdoses and other drug use consequences. It has been suggested in some professional quarters that the use of drugs intravenously often results in the spread of other expensive diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV, causing even more of a financial burden to the health care system.

Regardless of what the financial estimate is, the truth remains that the opioid epidemic is thriving at the expense of American lives, productivity level, and tax dollars. Bringing to light the various advances in opioid treatment is one sure way to help ease the economic and social burden.

Addressing The Crises From Its Roots

We already know by now that the basic problem leading to this epidemic is the abuse of prescription opioids, as well as how they are obtained. While it is true that pharmacists, doctors, and regulators have acknowledged the long-term overprescription of opioids, we’ve seen these parties throw their weight behind efforts to curb the abuse, driving mixed results.

In a few cases, pharmaceutical manufacturers have made efforts to modify the addictive potential in prescription opioids.

PBMs (prescribers and pharmacy benefit managers) have resulted to changing their practices to limit the length and dosage of prescriptions, instead of altering the drug itself.

Overall, there seems to hope for light at the end of the tunnel in regards opioid epidemic. Hope Centers of Central Florida is one treatment facility that has shown much effort in trying to quench this epidemic through their results-driven opioid treatment program. Contact the center to learn more about how they can help.

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