The Effects Of Opioid On Pregnant Women

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Opioid Treatment

A large number of women take several different forms of medicine when they are pregnant but not all medicine is safe to consume while pregnant. Most medicine is risky for you and your baby. Opioids, when they are misused cause huge problem. Opioids, also called narcotics, are a type of drug. They are prescribed as painkillers like oxycodone, fentanyl, tramadol etc. Heroin is also a type of opioid. Prescribed opiods are safe to consume for short periods of time but its dependence, overdose and addiction is very bad for health. If you want to kick your Opiod addiction because you’re pregnant, we can help. Hope Center of Central Florida in Orlando will help you get through this tough time. The time is now… substance abuse treatment for pregnant women is something we specialize in. Your baby deserves a happy, healthy life.

 The Effects of Opioids on Pregnant Women

Consuming Opioid during pregnancy cause a lot of problems both for baby and mother. Some of the possible effects are:

  • Neonatal abstinence syndrome which is also called withdrawal symptoms in newborns.
  • Neural tube defects and defects of the heart.
  • Gastroschisis, which is a defect in the baby’s abdomen. Loss of baby  (stillbirth or miscarriage).
  • Premature delivery.
  • Stunted growth that causes low birth weight.

As you can tell, it’s better to avoid taking opiods while pregnant, and in fact, it’s best to avoid them all together. Although you cannot stop taking opiods suddenly as it causes negative effect, substance abuse treatment will help you wean off drugs. If you want the best cure, go to the best  Orlando Treatment Center.

How Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant Women Works.

If you are pregnant and you have an Opioid use disorder, it’s recommended to wean off the drugs instead of quit cold turkey. Weaning off the drugs may make you extremely sick. It’s nearly impossible to stop taking opiods on your own. Instead, you should visit a good hospital or treatment center for assistance. The treatment mainly includes medicated-assisted therapy where both medicine and counselling is used for treatment. Medicine helps decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Mostly, methadone or buprenorphine is used. The counselling involves behavioural therapies that can assist you in getting your life back on track. As a woman who is pregnant and carrying the life of another human, you should seek help right away if you’re addicted to opiods. We can help get you prenatal care and more.

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