The Push To Deregulate Suboxone

by | Aug 18, 2019 | Suboxone Treatment

When it comes to the addiction of opioids, there aren’t many options out there to get your loved one on the road to recovery. This is why many people trust the addiction experts at Hope Centers of Central Florida to push them in the right direction. We specialize in Suboxone treatment. But did you know that the use of this helpful prescription is regulated? If you have been searching online for an “experienced Suboxone Dr. near me” Hope Centers of Central Florida is here to explain this situation further.

There Is Currently A Push To End It

Eighteen state public health directors, a growing group of physicians, and a prominent member of Congress are pushing a dramatic expansion of substance use treatment by posing a simple question: Why can’t doctors who prescribe opioids also prescribe drugs to treat opioid addiction?

The push from healthcare professionals has received extra attention from Congress. Recently, New York Representative Paul Tomko introduced legislation that would allow medical practitioners who are licensed to prescribe controlled substances also to prescribe buprenorphine. Deregulating buprenorphine would make it easier for people to get professional addiction care from their own doctors instead of going through the often-frustrating process of finding treatment programs that may not have the quality programs needed to help those struggling with addiction.

Currently, physicians must undergo an eight-hour training to prescribe buprenorphine. For nurse practitioners and physician assistants, they must undergo a 24-hour training program. Tomko stated in an interview that allowing doctors to administer buprenorphine and other addiction medications open up more avenues for treatment. That is what we are aiming for!

We Are a Suboxone Dr. Near Me

Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. All services are provided in a convenient outpatient setting and designed to help you overcome your addiction.

At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we desire to not only heal but transform the lives of our patients by empowering them and giving them HOPE for a drug-free future.

We are quite proud of the team of board-certified doctors. If you have been searching online for “suboxone doctors near me,” our medical experts are here to help guide you into an effective treatment program to help you or a loved recover and live a better life.

Call Us For Suboxone Treatment

We are experts in alcohol and drug abuse treatment. With our trusted and experienced clinical team and state-of-the-art treatment facility, we can help you get started on the road to lasting recovery. We want to get rid of the effects of alcohol addiction. Let our team of caring professionals partner with you on your journey to recovery. Our trained professional’s ultimate goal is to get our patients on the track to the cure. Alcohol dependence is a disease that needs to be treated seriously. Hope Centers of Central Florida is the best Orlando treatment center that features the best suboxone Dr. near me. Call or visit us today to schedule an appointment or ask us about our services. We are a rehabilitation center specializing in suboxone treatment.

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