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by | Dec 2, 2019 | Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

What is vivitrol? Vivitrol (naltrexone) is a medication that helps with opiate addiction. If you have been prescribed this drug by a doctor, then it is essential for you to do your research about this medication prior to taking it regularly. Just like with all prescription medications, there are many side effects and interactions unique to naltrexone that users should always keep in mind in order to maintain the effectiveness and safety of this drug. Make sure to talk to your doctor regarding your full medical history when thinking about getting on this medication. Read on to learn more about what to not mix with this medication, and what to keep in mind before getting a prescription. Hope Centers of Central Florida provides outpatient alcohol treatment in the Orlando area. Call Hope Centers of Central Florida today for a consultation.

Opiate and Alcohol Treatment

While vivitrol functions as an assistance for quitting opiate addiction, other mind-altering substances, such as alcohol, are able to affect this drug’s chemical reaction inside of your body. It’s important to make sure to inform your medical provider in order to prevent any dangerous interactions and blackouts prior to prescribing the proper medication for you. In the section below, outpatient alcohol treatment center Hope Centers of Central Florida will discuss how Vivitrol functions, what the side effects can be, and if any possible interactions with alcohol can happen in users.

What Is Vivitrol And Why Shouldn’t I Mix It?

For many people who are going through addiction treatment, they are prescribed a safe, prescription drug in order to ease the process and assist in helping the brain adjust. This drug is supposed to assist in easing withdrawal symptoms. Vivitrol is the brand name for generic drug naltrexone, and is one of the most common drugs utilized to assist with opiate addiction recovery. This drug is most commonly prescribed as a component of a more holistic treatment process, which is able to include individual and group therapy, detox, sponsorship, inpatient and outpatient meetings, and lifestyle changes. Vivitrol is not supposed to act as a replacement for the mental and social changes associated with successful opiate addiction recovery, but rather it is designed to assist with the physiological aspects of withdrawal as well as coming off of opiates. Vivitrol has also been shown to be effective in treating alcohol addiction as well as dependence in certain individuals. If you are prescribed Vivitrol, it is crucial to avoid taking any opiates, such as methadone, or imbibe any alcohol. Naltrexone will function as an opiate antagonist in the brain, which means that it decrease the effectiveness of opiates as well as cuts down on the desire to take opiates. However, this means that taking alcohol or other drugs while using it can end up causing sudden withdrawal symptoms that can be highly dangerous to the health.

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