Understanding Opioid Addiction In Loved Ones

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Opioid Treatment

What exactly is opioid addiction? You want to know, right? Every addiction is the behavioral and psychological impulses characterized by compulsion, cravings, and the inability to stop using despite negative consequences. With that being said, opioid addiction is quite the same.  Some people also call it substance addiction; however, opioid addiction is one in the same. Substance addictions include tobacco, alcohol, opioids (painkillers or heroin), prescription drugs, cocaine, marijuana, inhalants, and other substances. Every addiction has different effects on the body. It has many symptoms and each addiction has diverse options for treatment. There are many drug treatment centers in Orlando who can help with your loved one’s addiction, but we ask you to consider Hope Centers of Central Florida. We are very experienced, we care, and we can help you discover the signs of addiction.

Some Signs Your Loved One May Be Addicted 

  •   They are taking a substance in higher quantities than intended
  •   He or she feels amplified cravings for the substance
  •   They show reduced performance at home, work,  or school
  •   They have poor relationships with friends, family, and within social circles because of continued use
  •   He or she is engaging in risky behaviors that puts oneself  as well as others in danger
  •   They have a tendency to indulge in criminal activity
  •   They are experiencing  some withdrawal symptoms following reducing the use

If you are starting to see any of these symptoms, come see us at one of the best drug treatment centers in Orlando.

Understanding What Opioid Addiction Is 

First of all, you should identify signs of addiction, then determine whether the addiction is to opioids or another substance to seek professional help from a qualified addiction specialist. For example, verifying that a person you care about is addicted to opioids will help you understand the type of care to search for to get the best treatment program specific to the addiction that needs to be addressed. At Hope Centers of Central Florida, we understand exactly what Opioid Addiction is and are ready to help you identify the signs. On top of the signs we already mentioned, physical indicators of Opiate Use are noticeable euphoria, drowsiness, sleep changes, paranoia, bloodshot eyes, slow breathing, and impaired coordination. There are many other signs that we can help you identify in your loved ones.

It is significant to understand that addiction is not a voluntary response on behalf of the individual. Addiction is nothing more than a chronic brain disease that has changed the functioning as well as the structure of the brain, affecting a person’s decision-making, judgment, reaction to stress, ability to learn and behavioral control.

Those who need help should have the patience, support, and understanding of those that care about them and should be encouraged to seek the help of an expert. Similar to interacting with individuals who have other diseases, encouragement and positivity are a source of motivation to get treatment.

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